When Greg and his wife Joanna perform together they are

The Goat &The Rabbit

​Fun duets and great harmonies for you to enjoy!

July 14- S'MORE DAY, Arizona 3 pm Eastern Time Facebook live

​July 15- Gracious Granny's, Cottonwood, AZ

July 17, The Peaks, Flagstaff, AZ

July 25- Vista Mesa Assisted Living,

              Cortez, CO

July 26- ICE CREAM  DAY Vista Mesa,                     Cortez, CO, 3 pm Eastern Time  

      Facebook Live

​June 24_ Bainbridge Presbyterian Church,                           TOUR KICK OFF Bainbridge, NY

​June 25- Bethany Manor, Horseheads, NY

June 27- Homeland Center, Harrisburg, PA

June 28- Colonial Park Health, Harrisburg, PA

June 30- Heritage Hall, Laurel Fork, VA

June 30- Harmony Hall, Bassett, VA

July 4- Wedells Home, Farner, TN

July 6- Signature Healthcare, Memphis, TN

July 9- Hudson House Canyon, Amarillo, TX

​July 9-Marjorie S. Hudson House Claude, TX

​July 10- Clairmont, Amarillo TX

July 13- Page Springs Living, Cornville, AZ


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